Portrait of a UX designer

Areas of expertise

  • Strategy

    Systems, platforms & information architectures designed to grow and support communities

  • Interaction design

    Human factors, processes & workflows that minimize repetitive stressors and promote ease-of-use

  • Visual design

    Concepts, wireframes & user interfaces that relate to end-users and communicate ideas clearly

  • Research & technology

    Prototypes, interviews & patterns that test ideas, validate design decisions and build a stronger practice

Recent work

Daniel & Allison Winery

Daniel & Allison Winery

This is the story of Daniel & Allison Winery's new brand and its first vintage from Napa, California launching at retail stores in fall 2017.

Project: Quartermass

Project: Quartermass

At Autodesk, we patented a design that empowers 3D novices to create biological visualizations with ease. Imagine a web browser that allows you, the scientist or student, to make commercial quality biotech animations come to life.

The Sim Exchange

The Sim Exchange

Back in the days before online games, we traded Sims with players by e-mail MAXIS, overflowing inboxes daily :) We had to scale, and fast! I built a system that supported a world-wide audience that grew from 10 to now over 100 million players.


End of Nations

A website made for a game community, designed from the bottom up. I worked directly with marketing, digital publishing and game production teams simultaneously, while managing a team of web designers for the Creative Director to architect this site.



I'm not a cat person and I loved designing this brand's new experience ;) And I'm not just talking about the kitty litter. Discover how I increased time on site multiple times over by poking fun at our feline friends' names...

About Mark

My career's a long, winding road over a broad landscape. Along the trip, I've worn many hats.