Strategies: Systems, platforms & information architectures

I've created webs with self-regulated systems and that support communities that have grown to support over 100 million users.

Interactions: Human factors, processes & workflows

Understanding how humans interact with hardware and software in situ is the basis for the processes and workflows that I craft for every experience.

Visual design: Concepts, wireframes & user interfaces

The look and feel that I craft is grounded in sketching concepts with users that evolve into wireframes and user interfaces with detailed annotations.

Research & technology: Prototypes, testing & patterns

I use a combination of Lean and Agile best practices to build prototypes for interviews to identify sweet spots and patterns for experiences.

Recent work

Daniel & Allison Winery

Daniel & Allison Winery

Developing a new brand is a user experience and design challenge in one. This is the story of Daniel & Allison Winery's new brand and its first vintage from Napa, California.

Project: Quartermass

Project: Quartermass

Patented molecular animation magic, from the browser in the palm of your hand to virtual reality. I designed a powerful tool for students and scientists to take communication and collaboration in biotech to the next level.

The Sim Exchange

The Sim Exchange

Back in the days before online games, we traded user generated content by e-mail with the community at MAXIS, our inboxes overflowing daily. We decided, "The Sims shall have homes!" and I was put in charge of making it so, from online presence to game features. I designed the system supporting 100+ million players of The Sims and SimCity since Y2K (a.k.a. the year 2000 ;) and growing.

A real-time strategy platform

As Director of Consumer Experience, I delivered designs for partners in marketing, digital publishing and game production simultaneously, while managing a team of web designers for the Creative Director. I architected a marketing site with social networking integration and an eCommerce (ESD) platform's front- and back-end systems for the studio's new and original franchise.

It's the stickiest product marketing website yet! And I'm not just talking about the kitty litter. Discover how I increased time on site multiple times over by poking fun at our feline friends.

About Mark

My career's a long, winding road over a broad landscape. Along the trip, I've worn many hats.