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Case studies, presentations & talks

A study of web UX Research & Design for Clorox Corp.

A study of enterprise A/E/C UX Research & Design for Autodesk Inc.

A study of web UX Research for Clorox Corp.

A presentation on designing at Microsoft Reactor San Francisco's first annual WebXR Hack-a-thon

A presentation on designing Autodesk's life science platform: Project Cyborg

A talk with Berkeley City College Art & Technology students about best practices in production for virtual reality experiences

How We Play: A community for creatives designing experiences in alternate realities with six degrees of freedom

About Me

I'm a passionate, pragmatic designer with a keen interest in empowering users to develop technology and content with ease. Areas where creativity and technology intersect are very attractive. I am passionate about the power of design to invent new and impactful experiences. My own experience growing high performance teams and developing processes into best practices shows that I am highly motivated as a leader. I'm also a team player and for most of my professional life, I've enjoyed working with a diversity of collaborators on a variety of projects. Today, I am developing virtual reality experiences and an online community, both focued on boosting the power of creatives' expressions in design for alternate realities like VR, AR and webXR.

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