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Mixed Reality Hack-a-thon for Education

The Microsoft Reactor (San Francisco) was buzzzing with activity, excitement and amazing creations for virtual reality by talented middle and high school students in 2018! I supported the event as a designer/developer, teaching people Unity skills, learning about Shader Coding and cross-pollinating ideas with students and teachers.

This is one of the most inspiring events I've attended this year and I'm excited to see what the students make next. I had so much fun – and made myself look completely stupid, dancing like a chicken in my favorite student-made game: ChickenVR. Coming soon to Steam!

WebXR Hack-a-thon

Winning! The first annual WebXR Week competition to create a virtual experience in 3D – inside a web browser. Our team formed on Friday night, refined a product design by the next morning and cranked it out in only 22 hours. We created a 2D/3D hybrid website that uses interaction design, Bablyon.js, spatial audio, 2D and 3D content to take you to Web 3D.0!

I'm a cowboy from Arizona. As a high school junior, I started wrangling honey bees for the U.S.D.A. That's when my love for Research, Technology & Design began. I was getting stung in the field, engineering simulation models (with stingerless virtual bees ;) and designing the system, on the web – all at the same time.

From there, my career evolved into games, enterprise applications and startups. I've created massive online platforms, webs and design systems. Many of my systems use interactive technology to build and strengthen communities, like The Sims. Lately, I've been working hard to win hack-a-thons and create AR & VR experiences.


My design work is user-centric and human-to-human connection driven. I believe in creating empathy by understanding users from diverse perspectives. As a leader that contributes, interdisciplinary teams are my natural habitat. My pattern library is always growing and evolving. As a designer, I enjoy creating systems that are easy to adopt with interactions that can also be difficult to master.


Having used and made a wide variety of tools and software development kits in my career, I am comfortable with and constantly learning new technology and processes. I'm also a full-stack web developer that builds and designs at the same time. Recently, I've been using paper, OmniGraffle, Adobe CC, Sketch, Unity, PHP and JavaScript libraries like jQuery, Babylon.js and interact.js on the good ol' web to get 'er done.

I love to prototype and experiment...
Tried using Tilt Brush to create 3D workflow videos? It's fun!