Making a grillin' brand web community focused using UX research

The executive marketing team at Clorox hired me to analyze, the destination website for their evergreen brand, Kingsford. The objective of our work was to improve the online experience for the community across all web platforms and make the website stickier, due to recent elevated bounce rates. Google Analytics and other data were made available to me for a deeper dive.


At first, I focused on the paths into the website in use by the community. Of the direct paths, we found that the top five on the list are positive indicators of both motivated community members and a clear focus on recipe and knowledge sharing.

Further analyses

Research continued by identifying trends in pathing through the site, traffic sources and drop-offs. In this case, we can see visitors bouncing off of a top paid traffic landing page, which indicates a direction for investment in focus, design-wise. I examined hardware adoption, bounce rates, dead ends, exit points and referring traffic closely to determine the best-fitting information architecture for the community. I also examined social traffic sources, as sharing content on the website is an important community need and activity.


This is a subset of my recommendations to the team for the future of the UX design of the website. They include where to focus design efforts, future platforms to target, marketing explorations and more.


I documented recommended changes for the re-design to bring about positive changes in community growth and stickiness. In the end, the marketing team delivered on several important notes, including fulfilling a need for improved language accessibility (localization), community inclusiveness and surfacing "deep" links to helpful information (tips, tricks, recipes, ...) on the home page.